Gilbert Pool Chemicals

Expert Chemical Products and Pool Servicing

One of the areas where pool owners can easily make a mistake is with chemicals. We are experts when it comes to Gilbert pool supply and we are here to assist you with the best products and service available. Through the proper usage of chemicals, you can help your pool thrive.

What are the reasons to properly use pool chemicals?

  • Reduce pathogens from growing
  • Balance the pH of your pool, so that it doesn't deteriorate
  • Clearer water as opposed to cloudy
  • Reduce that irritation to your eyes and skin

We can talk with you about the different pool chemicals to help you learn more about the process. We offer quality products and also free in-store water testing to determine the state of your water. We also perform weekly pool services for individuals who either don't have the time to take care of their pool themselves, or that just feel better knowing that it's being handled by an expert.

Want to learn more about balancing the chemicals in your pool? Call us at (480) 363-3824!

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